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"People of today are confused on whether to replace their cabinets or reface them," says Tony James, owner of Dial. "Since most companies only sell stock cabinets and don't reface existing ones, your best interests aren't always served and most of their cabinets have particle board construction. This is their way of holding down costs.


    "At Dial, we design and make our own wood cabinets and install them, or we can reface your existing cabinets. We don't just tell you to tear out good wood or strong box-constructed cabinets. We recommend refacing your good cabinets and maybe adding on if you need more space. Most homeowners are just tired of the old look and cleaning problems; they don't really need a new design. The refaced cabinets look just as good as new ones. We give the homeowner a better choice."  


   Kitchens by Dial is second to no one in quality or price regarding new custom cabinets or cabinet refacing. Our custom shop offers solid wood cabinetry, not particle board, and Formica cabinets with the district's best doors and wood interior. Homeowners have a chance to price new cabinets or reface old ones and adding on. This gives them a two-way solution to their kitchen problems without sacrificing quality."  In general, consumers need to get the true story on custom cabinets and refacing. A free consultation from a professional cabinet maker can only help you, the consumer, make the right choices."  Dial will price custom-made wood or formica, with more than 70 door styles and colors from which to choose. Compare prices on adding on or refacing your existing cabinets, or using Dial's stock line of oak, maple, or cherry cabinets.


Area's Best Pricing

We Manufacture Custom Wood Cabinets

Completed over 6,100 Jobs!

 5825 Library Rd., Bethel Park, Pa 15102       412-831-1927 / 412-456-7342

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